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We know you will love our fitness supplements and so will your friends, colleagues and clients. So to help you help us spread the word of's fantastic range of protein supplements and powder we are giving each of our registered users a Referral code that gives the recipient a 5% discount off their first order, and to give you a big thank you for recommending us to your friends we will give you one Pro-10 Point per pound spent on this order.

So for example

You give your code to someone, they then spend £60.00 on protein powder on their first order giving them a discount of £3.00. As the referrer you get 57 Pro-10 Points making it a "Win Win" situation for both parties!

These points are worth 1p each and they are kept in your loyalty Pro-10 Points account and can be used to buy nutritional supplement products and protein powders at a discount price. Remember the more people you refer the more points you get. The more points the more free or discount supplements you get!

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