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Weight Loss Supplements

Lose Weight supplements and Increase Energy Levels

  • Advanced weight loss supplements
  • Designed to form part of a healthy weight loss regime
  • Maintains body's vital nutrients
  • Helps you to achieve your weight loss goals
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Here at Pro-10 we understand the challenges people face when deciding they want to make a change and lose weight. Therefore, we have a specialised category with high quality weight loss supplements designed to support your challenge. A popular supplement in our weight loss range are our Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) capsules, which can assist in combating fat storage in adipose tissue, focusing on the stomach and leg areas. Perfect for those looking to lose weight, and gain a source of anti-oxidants. Or, for those looking to boost energy levels, our Ultra-Lean capsules is another brilliant supplement packed with nutrients which can help increase your energy and burn off those precious calories. A high quality product, at a fantastic price, our Ultra-Lean capsules is a great way to support your challenge to lose those extra pounds. For a pre-workout energy boost, take a look at our Caffeine tablets, designed to support the fight against fatigue and can help keep your energy levels high during your training. Or why not try our Green Tea capsules, another energy boosting product which also can assist your metabolism, giving you that extra push on the treadmill. Another popular weight loss supplement is our Korean Ginseng capsules. A popular herbal substance around the world, Korean Ginseng is a fantastic nerve tonic which can also aid in reducing stress levels. Or why not take a look at our Acai Berry capsules, ideal for weight loss and is another brilliant source of anti-oxidants. All our weight loss supplements are of extremely high quality and great value for money. Not only do we offer the supplements, but we also provide specialist tips and advice from our expert athletes to support you through every step until you reach your objective. When combined with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise, our brilliant range of weight management supplements can help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Gain More, Spend Less.

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  1. CLA Tonalin

    CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid

    protein tick Helps promote fat loss 

    protein tick Can increase energy

    protein tick A Powerful Anti-oxident 

    protein tick Each capsule is a huge 1000mg of CLA

    • Lose Weight

    Now: £14.99

    Was: £18.99

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  2. Ultra Lean

    Ultra Lean

    protein tick Contains ingredients that can help weight loss

    protein tick Boost energy levels for an intense workout

    protein tick Help speed up your weight loss goals

    protein tick A great blend of fat fighting extracts

    • Lose Weight

    Prices From: £14.00

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  3. Green Tea 90 Capsules 1000mg 40% Catechins

    Green Tea 90 Capsules 1000mg 40% Catechins

    protein tick The Strong green tea extract

    protein tick 40% catechins

    protein tick High Antioxidant Content

    protein tick A great way to get green tea in your diet

    • General Health
    • Improve Health
    • Lose Weight
    • Power/Fuel

    Prices From: £7.49

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  4. Korean Ginseng 90 Capsules 100mg

    Korean Ginseng 90 Capsules 100mg

    protein tick The Strongest Ginseng Available

    protein tick Help lower stress hormone

    protein tick 30% Ginsenosides

    protein tick The worlds oldest nerve tonic

    • Lose Weight
    • Recovery

    Prices From: £7.99

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  5. Acai Berry 500mg 90 capsules - Ideal for weight loss

    Acai Berry 500mg 90 capsules - Ideal for weight loss

    protein tick Acia had been used for weight loss

    protein tick Known as a superfood

    protein tick A concentrate Acai Berry extract

    • Gain Mass
    • Gain Muscle
    • Lose Weight
    • Recovery
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  6. Caffeine Tablets

    Caffeine tablets 200mg 90

    protein tick Boosts energy

    protein tick May improve mood and focus

    protein tickFights fatigue

    protein tick Ideal for pre-workout to boost energy

    • Gain Muscle
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  7. Raspberry Ketones 90 x 250mg capsules for weight loss

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